Government’s Attack on Ammo


Gun and ammo news in is dominated by the administration’s continued efforts to ban ammo for the popular AR-15 style semi-automatic gun. The gun, which is popular among both target-shooters and sportsmen, has been on political radars for the past decade and has become more of a target in the wake of tragic school and other shootings despite the fact that the AR-15 is a safe gun when used in a responsible manner.

The newest attack on ammo and firearms isn’t the only time government has restricted gun-owner freedoms: states and cities have restricted ownership, transfer, and possession for years.

Executive Orders and the AR-15

As of March 2015, political pundits and gun freedom proponents alike are writing and discussing the President’s possible move to restrict or outlaw popular AR-15 ammo via an executive order. In late February, the ATF reported that it was proposing a ban on 5.56 mm ammo and was putting that ban on a fast track to approval. The obvious result is that the price of the ammo went up and it became scarce on the shelves as gun owners stocked up.

The possibility of the ban illustrates two points about ammo independence. First, you can’t rely on the government to protect your rights to any firearm or ammo. Second, it’s always better to stock up now, when ammo is available, than to wait.

You never know what firearm or ammo type will be targeted next, and many feel that this is the beginning of a slippery slope that will eventually encompass most, if not all, ammo.

Current Ammo and Firearm Restrictions

If you think the rulings won’t pass or that pro-gun politicians can protect your rights, a look at current restrictions in state and city locations may change your mind. Many states are already restricting the purchase of firearms and ammo according to individual circumstances.

In some states, anyone who was ever convicted of a crime—even if it was a misdemeanor punishable only by a small fine—cannot own guns or ammo. In some cases, anyone with a juvenile record of any kind can never own a gun or ammo—even if that person simply made a dumb mistake as a teenager and has since become a model citizen!

States are also restricting ammo purchases for certain types of guns, and cities such as Chicago don’t allow guns to be carried at all.

Even in this anti-gun and ammo environment, there are ways to remain ammo independent.

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