How Much Do You Really Need to Eat?


Unless you're counting calories for diet purposes, you probably aren't concerned with how much you need to eat in order to survive. For most Americans, availability of calories isn't an issue in everyday life. In a survival or crisis situation, food may need to be rationed. Understanding how many calories each person in your family requires to survive is an essential component of any rationing plan.

Container Gardening: A Gateway to Sustainable Food

Vegetable garden

As of 2012, a study from Scarborough revealed that around half of Americans had done gardening work within the past year. For many, gardening meant planting spring flower beds or handling routing landscape work, but you can turn work in soil and grass into a survival tactic by growing your own fruits and vegetables. Even if you live in a home with little to no yard, you can start gardening with containers.

You Can’t Rely on the Government During a Major Collapse

FEMA search code on damaged home

Many people in America today are lulled into feeling secure because of the infrastructure that has developed around them. Food needs are met easily by a trip to the grocery store, shelter and warmth is provided by home and utilities, and a medical crisis is handled quickly by first responders and healthcare workers. But what if you woke up tomorrow and all or most of those things were unavailable? Who would you rely on to keep you and your family safe and fed?

Four Surprisingly Handy Items to Have During a Collapse or Crisis


Ask any older child or preteen to list the necessities of survival, and you're likely to get a pretty solid list including food, water, and shelter. While those types of items should always be first priority in a survival or crisis situation, there are other items around your house right now that could come in handy. In fact, many household items could help you achieve the water, shelter, and food requirements once canned goods and other stocked items run out.

Guide to Minimum Canning Startup

Bottled Preserves

Older generations used to refer to it as “putting up” vegetables, fruits, jams, jellies, and countless other combinations of tasty, fresh-picked garden fare. It was common practice on farms and in city home kitchens, mostly because produce availability was seasonal. Root cellars and pantries were stocked with shelf after shelf of colorful glass jars so … Continue reading Guide to Minimum Canning Startup

Four of the Best Foods to Preserve

Jars of pickled vegetables in the garden. Marinated food

Preserving foods through canning is easy with the right equipment and an understanding of the basics. Heat kills the microorganisms present in all fresh food, and the processing creates a seal of the jar, allowing for long-term storage in a cool, dark location. Using fresh, unblemished fruits and vegetables and meat well-trimmed of gristle or … Continue reading Four of the Best Foods to Preserve

Basic EMT Training: Why You Might Want It


Basic EMT training is the education offered to most first responders in fire, police, and rescue squad departments across the country. Individuals who undergo such training learn first aid, CPR, and how to evaluate and triage a medical emergency situation. The same skills that let EMTs and first responders save lives in the field could … Continue reading Basic EMT Training: Why You Might Want It

Four Survival Lessons from The Walking Dead

Back To The Dead

It’s obviously fiction, and even the most avid prepper isn’t really expecting zombies to approach his home, but The Walking Dead still provides some valuable lessons for surviving a crisis in the real world. While Rick and crew face issues we may never see, the constant struggle for food, shelter, and safety may be something … Continue reading Four Survival Lessons from The Walking Dead

Government’s Attack on Ammo


Gun and ammo news in is dominated by the administration’s continued efforts to ban ammo for the popular AR-15 style semi-automatic gun. The gun, which is popular among both target-shooters and sportsmen, has been on political radars for the past decade and has become more of a target in the wake of tragic school and … Continue reading Government’s Attack on Ammo

How to Stock Ammo Now

Bullets and Magazine

The way you stock ammo for a survival situation depends on how you plan to use the ammo, where you live, and how long the potential situation may last. Most experts recommend stocking for up to a five year survival scenario, and ammo should be stocked for both hunting and defense. While hunting ammo can … Continue reading How to Stock Ammo Now