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In a world of financial uncertainty, extreme natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and terrorist threats you need to protect yourself and your family.

This is not about being paranoid, it’s about being responsible. On this site, we do not own a crystal ball. We won’t be able to tell you exactly how, when, or if one of these eminent threats will affect you.

What we do know, is that with each passing day the likelihood of one of these threats affecting you increases. If you do not take the time to prepare and educate yourself now, tomorrow could be too late.

Our goal with this site is to inform, educate, and provide resources to those looking to protect their families. These include a variety of topics like: food storage, gardening, self -defense, alternative power, weapons, and other preparedness ideas.

We hope you use and come back to this website often for all sorts of useful ideas and strategies.

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